Keep Going

August 25, 2013
Sometimes you get do beaten down it feels like you’re all alone. It’s you against the world. Nothing is going right. People are mean, nothing good happens. There’s just one thing after another shoving you down a hole, and once you get to a certain point in that hole you cant go back. You keep falling down and getting back up again, and again until you feel like you can’t get back up anymore. You’re just too tired. You’ve been fighting for too long. You’re tired of the battle, and you just want to rest for one minute. For one long minute, you close you’re eyes and the battle is over. For 60 seconds. But that one-minute is all it takes. For them to shove you down that hole, and then you’re almost to the bottom, and you’re about to give up for good when suddenly you remember. You’re fighting for a reason. You absolutely cannot let them win, because you will prove them wrong. You bend. Sometimes you bend so far that you don’t know if you can bend anymore. But you do not break. You will not give them the satisfaction. So you climb out of that hole ready for another blow. Because no matter how many times you get knocked down you will get up one more time. If you’re going through hell keep going because eventually you will come out on the other side victorious, and stronger then ever before. Because you have fought a battle that only gods toughest soldiers have fought. And you won. You’re still breathing. You’re still breathing. You’re still living. Your heart is still beating.

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