That Girl

July 8, 2013
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It was a regular day, at leased that was what i thought, but i happened to be wrong really, really, wrong. It was in the beginning of the day wright before classes started. I looked over to see my best friend talking to a girll i never had seen before. walking over i could hear the conversation "hey, i just came here do you mind helping me find my homeroom" the girll asked my friend "are you kidding I really don't have time to take in strays". My eyes started to tear up because not only that my friend was walking away it was that she was bullying not only the new girll but she was bulling our friendship. How come she wanted to do that, to be someone who needs to be mean, when i at least thought was a nice and welcoming person.
After calming down a bit i walked over to the girll. "whats your name" i asked. she looked up "are you going to call me names and laugh because if you are i have classes to get to" she ran off a fresh tear rolling down her pale cheek. I thought this over, this girll is scared and she thinks everyone is going to treat her badly, since my friend, my best friend was so rude to her.
At lunch that day i sat with Kate my friend who was so mean, not because i was being a friend to her, it was because i needed to now why Kate was and could be that mean. I put my tray down next to her "hey Kate" and sat down. "did you see that new girl she seems nice" I said. Kate looked up at me "I guess so, i mean she is a bit odd" Kate said in a funny voice " Kate what has gotten in to you that girll seems nice and just because she is odd does not mean you have to call her... stray". Kate choked on her bite of Pasta " Maddie, your not my mother she was bothering me" I looked at her with wild eyes " your right I'm not your mother but i am or was your friend and i know it's not like you to be a...a bully!" Kate sighed "Kate, that girll has a hart she is a person with feelings, she did not do anything to you please understand you are wrecking are friendship". I stood and went to the new girls table and sat down next to her "please don't move i need to talk" i told the girll "tell me your name and i promise i won't be mean to you" the girl looked at me "it's Tina" she said "well Tina i want you to know that you at leased have one friend and it's going to be me, I'm sorry Kate had to be rude".
Tina and I ate together and we both looked after each other just in case we came across another bully, because tryng to get through it on your own may be a bit more challenging then it seams.

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