why you're bullied

July 6, 2013
I am walking along minding my own business when all of a sudden I am stopped in the middle of the hallway. "Hay punk! Watch where you're going! We don't need your stupidity rubbing off on everyone else!" Well that hurt, bad. I knew i wasn't stupid. I had good grades and I was a star soccer player, but what people say get to me. Just like it does everyone else.
Well the next day I walked straight up to this person and looked up at him "Hay bud, what you did to me yesterday hurt my feelings, really bad, and that is not okay with me." Well all he did is get a cocky grin and laugh,"Ha did I hurt little miss prissy' feelings? Ha what I do? Bump into you?" I was hurt again, how could someone be so mean to someone who did nothing to them? "Yeah, you ran into me, buster, you shoved me into a locker and made a very rude comment to me. How are you such a rude person? How could you hate someone like that?" Well I must have made a mark because the cocky grin slid from his face and they just blankly stared at me. Well I nodded my head and left to my last class.
That day after school I was stopped AGAIN by the same person. I exhaled deeply, "Boy, you have some nerve don't ya?" He sighed, "I'm sorry, I don't hate you, that is how I treat everyone. I didn't realize that it hurt people. I am really sorry miss." I looked at him and smiled,"Well now, that wasn't so bad now was it?" Slowly they smiled, "Guess not." I nodded and motioned for us to walk towards the doors. "So why are you like this to people anyways?" They looked down," I don't know, i guess it's always been natural to me, my parents were always rude to people and made it seem okay to do without thinking." I nodded my understanding. "I believe you. Parents are our role models and we look up to them and how they act and react." He nodded.
So my readers to this day{which is now going on 4 weeks after our incident} we are now good friends and he hasn't once told a mean thing to anyone. He isn't all nice, I mean we all have our bad days, but he is better. Now see his problem was his parents, they taught him that bulling was okay to do. It's by far not okay. The thing is though not all of our problems are our parents maybe they're our friends or maybe older siblings or something. No matter our cost just know that it hurts the people around us and can cause some big problems so that person you just yelled at you didn't even know or that guy you shoved getting to class, maybe you just ruined his day or you really hurt his feelings, he could have already been the back-light person in class. You feel bad now?? Well don't all you have to do is do a good deed or better yet, go apologize to them. Maybe you had a bad day or something happened. Don't worry it'll get better.
So what I'm saying is there is always a route other than bullying. so can you find it?? I think you can if you try I have faith in you.

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