To Be or Not to Be

June 9, 2013
By KenxxzieLove SILVER, BINBROOK, Ontario
KenxxzieLove SILVER, BINBROOK, Ontario
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I dream of the day, that all hatred and violence disappear.

Walking through these hallways, knowing everyone sees me as dirty, disgusting, pathetic, stupid, and ugly. These words run through my head on a daily basis. Why would they not? It doesn’t matter where I go people are judging me, undermining me, as though I don’t exist.
I continue through the halls, my hood pulled over my head, and my books close to my chest, trying hard to block out the laughter, the pointing, and the talking. It doesn’t work. I pick up my pace, walking out the front doors, leaving behind the bullying, and getting away from it. Knowing that there is only one question for me to answer when I get home, to be or not to be? But I know that, the words, the people, my destiny have already chosen for me, not to be.

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece about bullying, to have people understand what its like to be bullied and not have anyone else around to help you through it. It is about a girl, who cant handle the pressure of being at school anymore, and decides to ask the final question of life or death. In the end chooses herself, but due to all the factors of bullying, cutting, and having nobody around, pushes her to her limit. This would be a bullying case of worst case scenario for a child.

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