My Greatest Fault

May 31, 2013
Why must one shame me so?
I have not wronged nor given it any thought!
Tell me, you graceful
what have I done wrong?

Is it my lust to show love
for man, woman, and all who do not belong,
from the hobo on the street to the gods above me?
So be it my greatest fault!
I will show love to all that I want
no matter where upon the pyramid they fall!

No? It's not? Be straight, you insatiable pawns!
What is with me that is so wrong?

Is it the scowl that mars
my once youthful and beautiful face,
etched by years of hatred and contempt
for all of man's fate?
Then it shall be my greatest fault!
This scowl I wear like a crown
to which the world shall not take a bow!

No? It's not? Speak truth, you narcissistic swans!
What is with me that is so wrong?

Is the scars of my mind,
so pretty, witty, and untamed?
It goes on and on, never to stop
in its wild carousel of thoughts!
Then let it be my greatest fault!
My mind is a world to which the weak do crawl,
for they know they shall become strong!

No it's not? Then you waste my time!
There is nothing with me that is so wrong!
I shall love myself to kingdom come
and keep away those who wish to control
all that I have become.

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