No Need to Bully

April 30, 2013
No Need to Bully

You do not need to be mean to other people just to make others think that you are cool. There is a difference between bullying somebody and teasing your friends and some people may flirt with the thin line between them and I may be guilty of that myself. There are other people who throw that to the wind as lightly as if it were a used tissue. You really need to pay close attention to, it may seem funny to the people that are standing around and laughing but put yourself in their shoes and think how you would feel in that very position. I know that is what your teachers have told you sense elementary school but there a reason why! It is an important message that everybody should live by. It not only will make you a more likable person. Some people may not like you because they think you are to mean. If you are okay with slowly but surely losing all of your friends because they get mad at you or get offended by your “jokes” then go ahead. Keep bullying people, but if you want to keep your friends just stop. It’s not cool. It’s mean.

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