April 22, 2013
By LittleWaterBenderGirl SILVER, Aurbundale, Florida
LittleWaterBenderGirl SILVER, Aurbundale, Florida
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I never knew how much pain I was in till a day in elementary, something I will never forget. To me it was a normal day, I got on the bus and went to school, and two of my friends greeted me like normal, and the boy I like went by us (I knew that stuff like cooties weren’t real) and after he left I remember hearing “There’s four eyes” there was a boy pointing at me but I just ignored him and walked past them as I talked to my friends. Around lunch time at my table was my friend Michelle, Bridget and a few other people including myself. My friends told me to talk to the boy who happen to be at the other table, but he was told to tell me off, and that’s exactly what was about to happen. As he switches seats from his table to mine, “Hey four eyes” that was the first thing he said, and I admit at first I wanted to say something but I simply replied “hi”. The next thing he said was “I heard you like someone” I looked at him and again I replied” yes I do” but I tried to walk away, instead he just grabbed my arm and said “too bad I heard he doesn’t like you” I jerk away from his grip, a bit upset knowing he knew I liked him. “I also heard, that you Indians eat grasshoppers with dirt” he says laughing; my blood started to boil as I heard this racist joke come out of his mouth, but I simply replied in a rude tone “I don’t care about what you say, I hate his guts and wish he wasn’t born and another thing leave every little thing about my culture out of any conversation, no matter what and one last thing leave me alone!” when I stop talking I looked at him and he looked like something clicked in his mind. Then all of a sudden he yelled” I never like you, your just a another stupid girl” I felt steam and tears coming out of my head all at the same time yet my blood still boiled and one last thing I said was” I don’t care if I’m stupid, all I know is I hate you” and after that my best friend Michelle walked up to me trying to make me stop crying, but there something I faintly remember hearing, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me” and after years of thinking and hearing that I learned two things, first is I’m smart and beautiful, and the last thing is words will hurt, just like wounds and no matter how much you say sticks and stone may break my bones but words will never hurt me ; Words will still hurt!

The author's comments:
It was something that happen when I was in elementary, and something just didn't go as plan.

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