I Wanna Scream

April 21, 2013
I wanna scream,
I wanna yell,
I wanna cuss at you out loud.

But my momma raised me better than that.
But my daddy taught me how to defend myself.
But my sister taught me how to look at the bright side of things.

I wanna punch you,
I wanna slap you,
I wanna stab you in the face.

But my momma taught me that violence isn't the answer.
But my daddy taught me how to use words so they are worse than any physical pain.
But my sister starts to cry if anyone becomes violent.

So I stay in a corner , don't you dare walk over to his door.
So I go to the gym, I don't think you should be picturing his face.
So I come home and cry myself to sleep, don't you dare scream otherwise people will know something is up.

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