A People Poem by Racism

April 16, 2013
By AbbaDabbaDoo PLATINUM, Mountain Grove, Missouri
AbbaDabbaDoo PLATINUM, Mountain Grove, Missouri
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Some folks are wise and some are otherwise. I guess we know which one you are.

People come in several different shapes and sizes,
All have some wisdom, but what all need to realize is,
Some are black and some are white and some are in between,
Some are red and some are yellow and some are orange, it seems.
That does not make one inferior to the rest,
That does not make a single one the best of the best,
All have perks and none have faults for God makes no mistakes,
And so we all are similar and yet unique in ways.
Some are smarter, some are dumber, some are in between,
Some are larger, some are smaller, some are in the middle, it seems,
Some are healthier, some are sicker, some are in between,
Some are lighter, some are darker, some are in the middle, it seems.
Calling people names because they don’t look like you,
Or passing on while someone is hurt is like wearing a bad shoe.
Think on this, think hard and long, think ‘till bells start to bong,
Why would any person be here if they did not belong?
Why judge a person on just what you see and hear?,
Why harm a living soul that can, like you, shed a tear?,
Why, when they are just like you in ways that matter most,
They cry, you cry, they laugh, you laugh, they love, you boast.
You boast that you are better while they love all people they see,
Isn’t it pitiful that you judge a person wrong just because of me?
For I am a racism, and far beyond so much more,
I am hate, I am poison, and I am blood that poured.

The author's comments:
End racism. Only you can do it.

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