March 30, 2013
Bullying. One word. A million meanings. Such a small word can change such a positive full heart to a withering rose. Bullying makes you fragile, broken at heart. Every rumor and every lie will make that one person believe everything this is said. Bullying is nonstop, never-ending. Don't ever think it'll stop if you don't tell someone. Bullying drives victims crazy, making them commit suicide. That "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me," is a lie. Words strike like bullets on a gun. Pull a trigger and that bullet will pierce through something such as a body part. Keep shooting and it'll pierce the heart. You don't know what goes on in other people's lives. You don't know what they go through. You have no control. You don't know their story. It'll affect not only your life, but others around you. So stop the never ending pain. Stop the madness before it gets crazy as it is now. Stop judging people for what they are. Tell someone, tell a friend, a relative, your siblings, your teacher if you or someone else is getting bullied. It could save a life. Take a stand against bullying. One day in the future, the pain will be all gone. One day the world will live in never ending peace.

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