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March 16, 2013
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It doesn’t matter whether you’re five or fifty you have heard the word bullying before. We have the bully, the bullied and the bystander. So many children know what it is like to be pushed around and hurt. Many children say the quote “sticks and stones may break my bones but will never hurt me”. It’s a lie words can hurt more than anything. When you’re in middle school and every day your peers say you’re worthless soon or later you’re going to believe that you really are worthless. The names that children call one another are horrifying. Middle and high school are the worst. You compete to be the best in everything you do, no matter what nothing helps. A little girl with messed up hair and Wal-Mart clothes her family struggles and has no money. She comes home crying because at twelve years old she’s told she’s worthless and ugly. The teachers know but they say it’s a part of growing up. Why is that true? No body every does anything about bullying and it goes too far. The boy down the road who’s been in your class since kindergarten you saw his picture in the newspaper today. He took his own life because he was bullied. If only he had one friend somebody he could talk to. Somebody that could tell him that what everybody said was not true to tell him that he was not worthless and that he was wanted. You remember that day of school when everybody finally knew. You felt bad for his brothers and his mother and father. While is brother walked the halls everybody stared and whispered. You hear them say if only he would die too. Don’t these kids understand what words can do? A boy of only fourteen took his own life he had a family. His brothers were so young only thirteen and six. How do you explain to them about what he did? The school decides to make a big deal; they have a huge meeting about bullying. They do something now but not when his mother called the school months ago and told them that he was being bullied. It’s not right you know how come it cost a child his life for them to finally put a stop to it. His family is lost and don’t know what to do. They knew he was bullied but never knew it was this bad. How come it took a tragedy for someone to take notice? Bullying needs to stop so many children have many taking their life. The easy way out is what people like to call it. Why should a child at nine years old feel that the only thing left to do was to use that knife? Their families are crushed and people blame one another some even blame themselves. There is something we can do we can put a stop to the bullying. Take a stand and let people know that their not alone.

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