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February 27, 2013
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You always think that, it's just a joke. Or, I was just kidding. So, apparently this means that making an overweight girl cry is just hilarious. There is someone I knew who went behind an overweight girl and made whale noises. The girl was clinically depressed all the time. One day, she snapped. She brought a gun to school. After school when she was walking home, she saw my friend and a couple people she was walking with, they tripped her and shoved her and made the whale noises. She shoved them off and tore off her backpack, pulling out the gun. My friend stopped and so did their friends. "It is a joke, don't be so sensitive." Was the first thing out of my friends mouth, also the last. She fired the gun and killed my friend, shot at their friend, then killed herself when she went home.

This is a fictional story, but it can happen to anybody. Watch what you say. Also, don't just be a bystander, take action and know what you are doing.

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