Monsters Among Us

February 18, 2013
imThere is a pandemic among the human race

A species of monsters living in plain sight

They blend in to society so well that we hardly notice them

They wear masks to hide their disgusting faces from the world

But there are the millions of innocent victims who know the truth about these monstrosities

Each and every day these victims are tortured beyond human comprehension by these creatures with black poisoned spiked tongues

Why do these monsters choose these poor victims?

They choose them for their own self-satisfaction and pleasure

They choose these victims either out of envy, hate or just plain ignorance

These creatures have no empathy or sympathy

And there poor victims suffer in silence as the rest of the world looks the other way
And for some the pain is too much to bare and they take their life to escape the monsters…forever
Are they these victims taking it too far? The answer is pretty simple…no
After all if someone had stepped in to stop their suffering they could have been saved from this pandemic
It is up too us to obliterate these monsters that walk among us
All it takes is lending a simple hand or just saying stop
We must save these victims of these monsters that we call…Bullies

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