January 31, 2013
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A kitten lost in the wilderness
All alone in the greenery of rainforest
A helpless being
That decided to go up
But not the whole way through
A kitten stuck on the tree.

A kitten in a rainforest
Rapidly becomes the weird awkward creature
To all living things around it.
An unexpected occurrence
That intrigued the curiosity of wild animals
Becoming a target
Or soon to be a victim
For all prying eyes.

A kitten stuck on a branch of tree
Trapped, scared……but also hopeful.
Should it makes it way downwards
Jump onto the lower branches
One by one
And take the risk of facing the horrid beast.
Should it go upwards?
To continue its unfinished journey
And indulge the taste of triumph
By seeing a never for seen view
With the risk of slipping down
Or taken away by death angel
Or …..
Should it just gives up
And jump down from the frightful height
And let destiny decides its fate
Its end
Whether the Grim Reaper send an invitation
Or simply
A miracle.
Will the kitten face it fears?
Will you face your fears?
We can only choose one
Which will you choose?

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