Dear God,

January 28, 2013
Dear God, please help me rest.
You know how it is-
My life’s a mess.
I can’t deal with this anymore,
I’ve tried my best.
Please just take this load
Because where I’m heading
Is a spacious,
All engulfing road.
The darkness keeps coming,
And I need someone to help me
Stay bright,
And tell me to not give into my
Darkening thoughts of the night.
My heart still isn’t where it should be-
But I feel like at least
Asking for help is right.
Please help me.
I need you on my side-
I need you to help me fight.
A hope and a want to live,
I need you to ignite.
For, I’m trying to fight,
But I’m too drained;
I need you’re never ending might
To help me stay alright.

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