A Man With Chains

January 29, 2013
You picking on me
Just like any other day
As I hear the stomps as you approach me
With the devil in your eyes

Fighting I will start
Because of your wrong doing
Telling me to go to hell
But I just take it in

But you should’ve held me
Wrap me with love
Instead of possessions

I put on a brave face
But you can’t see my pain
And think apologizing will all make it okay
But so many years with this same face
Is anything absolute anymore?

What do I have to do to see how much pain you see me going through?
As the years continue on
Cutting me
Physically and emotionally

You strike again
When things start to look up

Wishing that my mom can be with me more
But maybe work is her escape
From your harmful words you’ve expressed to us all
And the impact it has left me

As I am pulled in different directions
I can’t do anything right
For I feel like a man in chains
With no way to be freed

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