The girl Who Died Yesterday.

January 26, 2013
Did you hear about the girl?
Who died yesterday?
Whose mother only
Cried and Cried?
Her funeral was today,
And everyone came
Because no one could believe
She just

Did you hear about the crowd?
Repeating her name?
Thinking they could’ve
Cared or Tried?
They had known she was hurt,
And part of them blame
for this poor innocent soul

Did you hear about the boy?
Leaving town yesterday?
Knowing he pushed her
To give up?
He visited the Church,
And begged to pray
“I swear I didn’t kill her,
She just

I Am The girl
who died yesterday
whose life was filled with
lies and lies
i was pushed to escape
the bullies and scares
if only someone was there
i might still
Be Alive.

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divisriv said...
Apr. 19, 2013 at 5:44 pm
I really liked this...  
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