Lost Beauty

January 14, 2013
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Walking down the hallway she’s the type of girl you notice. How could you not, considering she doesn’t exactly have a bikini thin body. No one stops to see what she’s like, no one is willing to take the time and see how beautiful she is inside and out. She’s picked on. Laughed at from across the room. At homecoming, freshmen boys call her everything she’s not, and people just stand by and listen. Some know it’s wrong. They aren’t willing to stop the taunting, but are willing to ruin her night and many more nights to come. What could she have done to deserve this? When found crying in the bathroom people walk by. No one tries to comfort her or even offer a tissue. All they can offer is gossip as soon as they return to class. Not even using her name. She is that really big girl. She becomes another one of the 2.7 billion victims of bullying in America. She has a name and a heart; both are forgotten. So, she is quieter, lonelier, stays in the shadows, and becomes lost. Lost in the laughing, taunting and lies. She becomes less and less of who she is. Less and less Jenni, even though she is more beautiful and stunning that anyone will know.

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