January 14, 2013
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Once upon in a school which we feared because of bullies,there was a certain young girl.
Her name was Natalia.Natalia was chocolatte brown and she had hair which was in total tangles.
She didn't have new stuff like us which made her an easy target for the bullies whom I think are perfect monsters.
Innocent Natalia had no choice but to surrender. Fighting against the bullies wasn't an option anyway.
One day when my friends and I were past the school grounds,we saw Natalia on the ground. Her head bleeding,sleeves torn and and her hair loose.She was a wreck!
"Let's help her."I said
"What are you crazy?The Stacie and Trixy would kill us."said my freinds
"Well yall go then but I want to help."I said running to Natalia
"Okay but don't blame us when the bullies catch you."said my freinds
"Thanks for the warning."I said and I run to Natalia.
"Here let me help you up."I said helping Natalia to get up.
"Thanks but you should go or the bullies would catch you too."said Natalia
"Don't be afraid of them.They're just big girls with too much muscles and too much thought that they are the most strongest and powerfull."I said with a smile
I helped her up and took her to my house,so that I could treat her wounds and give her something to eat.
"Are you okay now,Natalia?"I asked her when we had finished treating her wounds and given her something to eat.
"Much better.Thank you,um."she said
"Janet."I say "I'm Janet."
"I never knew you even though you helped me.Nice to meet you,Janet."said Natalia
"Same here."I said shaking her hand
Natalia smiled and for the first time,I saw her happy.Extreamly happy.
She was wanted and no one at my house regarded her as someone different.
"Thank you so much for treating me like a princess,Janet.You are an angel.No one has made me feel wanted before."said Natalia as she went out my door.
"No problem.Glad I could help."I said with a smile and I closed the door.
"Janet,why don't you drop her at her house?"asked my mother
"Okay then I'll drop her and come home."I said running out the door.
"Why are you coming back?"asked Natalia
"My mother told I should drop you at your house."I said
"Thanks,Janet I don't know what I'd do without you."said Natalia
I smiled "I'll think you'll get along just fine."I said but I wasn't sure that it was the right answer to what she said.
I dropped Natalia at her house and went home,myself.
I didn't expect to bump into any bullies and there would have been nothing they could do to me but they had to say something.
"So Janet,hanging out with the black girl,huh?"asked Stacie
"Yes and by the way her name is Natalia not 'the black girl ' understood?"I asked
I might of pissed her out alot cause the moment she heard that,she threw her fist at me which I managed to avoid luckily for me.
"One more word against us from you and you'd wish you'd never said a word to that black girl."said Trixy
"That is if I said a word against you,right?Well,don't worry I will only say a hundred words against you not one"I said
Stacie held up her fist.
"Nice fist but don't strike me cause I'll file a human rights case against you and send you to prison.You'll be the least tough there!"I said
Stacie and Trixy walked awayI don't thik they want to be in prison
"Why are you late?"asked my mother when I went home.
"I met Stacie and Trixy.Had to tell them two or three words."I said with a smile
"You didn't get into a fight,did you?"asked my mother
"No,just an argument"I said
"I'm glad you're not afraid of them but don't fall in trouble because of your bravery.I only have one child and I don't want to loose her."said my mother
"You'll never loose me,mom."I said "I have a little safe plan up my sleeve.Neither you,Natalia,dad or I would get hurt from this plan.Trust me."I said
"I trust you but you can't trust life."my mother said and she left.
I was troubled by my mothers words.Life was not something we could trust or rely on but I knew that we could always trust and rely on ourselves.
I decided to activate my plan first thing tommorow.
At school,I met Stacie and Trixy again.
"Hi Stacie.Hi Trixy."I said
"Hi Janet."they said
"I need to talk with you two for a sec."I said
"Bout what?"they asked
"Bout you two and Natalia.Why you hate her so mich."I said
"Won't be of any use but it could be fun"said Stacie
"Yeah,fun to talk bad of that Natalia."said Trixy
I wanted to give the a knuckle sandwich but I stopped myself.
"So what's the reason you hate Natalia so much?"I asked
"No exact reason.She's just black and we're white.We've had conflicts with eachother since the day we can remember.Our mother told us that the reason Stacie and I lost our houses was because a black landlord kicked us out of the house."said Trixy
"I never thought you two still lived in the past."I said "Those things happened so long ago.Why think abour it now?"
"Why?Why?Well,because it's a part of our history!Doesn't history matter?"asked Stacie
"Well it does matter but that doesn't mean you should live in history."I said
"You mean we should forget it?"asked Trixy
"Yes and try to be freindly"I said
"But no one wants to be our freind."said Stacie
"They would love to if to if you two would stop being bullies and be much freindlier."I said
Stacie and Trixy understood.They stopped their bullying and soon made freinds with everyone they met.
The end for now.

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