Raven Girl in White

January 12, 2013
And here I stand with me by you
With eyes and face turned down
Your judging eyes trained on me now
As my heart screams without sound
Look skin deep and you see here
Black hair and piercing eyes
But deep within a girl in white
Fights Death with sword at side
She stands alone, both bruised and cut
At Hades’ Gates of Black
She stands alone as demons screech
The World’s weight on her back.
As she glares, eyes hard with hate
Back hunched from battles passed
She weakly stumbles one step forth
As Death looks down and laughs
For promised Death and epic war
A strong, unyielding fight
And laugh he did, a gritty sound
At the Raven girl in White
Purposely she raised her sword
Hate blackened both her eyes
Bravely she watched Death descend
From his fiery throne on high.
He stares at her a curious watch
His skin a blackened pitch
His eyes a burning black like fire,
His tail a deadly whip
She leaps at him with all her might
Giving sword a might swing
Her blade mere inches from the face
Of death’s almighty king.
Though he was huge, he was not slow
But rather swift and quick
As Hades knocks the Raven down
When his tail gave a flick
But up she jumps, our Raven Girl
Standing clean and pure in white
Again she lifts her mighty sword
And prepares herself to fight.
This time she waits for Death to strike
She stands a stance of strength
As she stares down at his tail
Awaiting pain from its strong length.
Death watched her gaze fall on his whip
Not watching for his fist
He raised a fire on him palms
As her face his hot hand kissed
She backwards fell with piercing cry
She sobbing held her face
She heard Death laugh a lively sound
Her eyes now hatred laced
That sound alone would spur her on
As she up jumped to her feet
And climbed up rocks to reach his height
Her sword and Death would meet
Death stood shocked and well surprised
Her strike could not be dodged
With unwonted precision
Hilt deep her sword was lodged.
It was not enough; for Death, you see,
By strength alone can’t die
When this fact came true, and Death did rise
She fell to her knees and cried
She cried for all the demons fought
Those battles she had won
And now the war she’s come to face
Is a war that’s never done
She cried for the endless mess
Her life had come to be
She looked around at only black
Her dress the only white to see.
She looked at Death who looked quite proud
The war was won by he
And she looked down at her once-white dress
Turning blacker than the sea
The black had reach above her waist
Above the white rope of her belt
She cried as she thought of countless times
People offered her their help
Looking down, her once white dress
Almost all consumed in black
When from above an angel falls
With wings upon his back
His face was pure and childlike
His hair a silver white
With clothes of only heaven’s gold
He descends from deadly heights
With loving look and not a word
He grabs the Raven’s hand
Her black dress slowly fades to gray
As he brings her up to stand
She looks again down at her dress
And it’s neither black nor white
A charcoal gray fading up to pure
As they both prepare to fight.
Determination poured off them,
Pure and proud and strong
The Angel and the Raven smirked
Like a loud triumphant song
Together those two raised their sword
And sank them in his skin
And together stepped back from the spot
Where they killed the Reign of Sin
Again she checked her flowing dress
To see a curious new site
Her dress was bottom rimmed in gold
The rest charcoal mixed with white
The Angel grabbed her by the waist
And looked once to wear Death fell
As he flew with his Raven love
And he took the girl from Hell.

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