run Little Mouse, Run

January 11, 2013
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“Get her! Loser! Oh my god, yes! She’s running for the playground, corner her! Run little mouse, run!”
I run. My bag clunks me on the back, almost a promise of the beating that I am going to get. My heart is pounding, a drum beating in my head. Faster faster.I can’t let them catch me.
I am already imagining the spiteful look on her face, as she pins me up against the wall. The phwack of her fist rushing through the air towards me and the pain I will feel seconds after. The wait for how long they will hurt me, until I am no longer interesting. And how I can hide the bruises this time.
It’s a game, the bullying. They chase after me-eight years old and I’m still faster than all of the eleven year olds. It gives me a feeling of power for a while but I get tired. There is nowhere to go, nowhere to escape them. I do not want to get in trouble for straying off of school property. So I start to slow down and I hear the triumphant yells behind me as all three round the corner and see me panting. She’s in the middle, in the front. Tall and blonde.
The tears are dripping down my face and I blink rapidly to clear them. My nails dig into my fists and I whirl to face them. They will not break me. They draw to a halt metres away.
“Aww, what’s a matter? Are you tired, little mouse?” I hate her calling me little mouse. I am not, I’m tall for my age.
“Leave me alone.” I meant to say it threateningly but it comes out almost as a sob, a beg. She bares her teeth at me in a ghastly smile and saunters closer towards me. I go to back away but the cat has cornered the mouse. Her hand whips out and grabs my wrist, vice-like. I can almost feel the bruises forming, it hurts so much. I am pulling but it’s like trying to move a mountain. Impossible.
The other two come closer now, now that she’s got me. Cowards. They smile as well and I shudder uncontrollably. One pinches me, twisting my pale flesh until I scream.

Just one more lunch time.

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