The Worst Thing About Bullying

October 25, 2012
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“The Worst Thing About Bullying” by Rachel C is an eloquent narrative poem. I think the narrator feels very sad and hurt by the bullies as would anyone. A quote from the poem that really jumped out at me was, “The worst thing about bullying was that they were my ‘friends’.” I can definitely relate to that because I’ve been in that same position of realizing that some of my friends weren’t as real as I thought they were. This poem really made me think about how awful bullying is. In one particular point in the story, it really drew me in. That part was, “The tiny words that worked like piranhas.” It really pulled me in because it made me realize that even the littlest things can have the strongest affect. Bullying is a big problem and we all need to try our best to end it.

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