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July 17, 2012
By BritChick32 BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
BritChick32 BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
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- Gaundi

Science class. Not the most thrilling class in the world but this one was going to be a roller coaster. Recently a girl and I had been in a fight. What were we fighting about? I can not even remember. The row I sat in consisted of 3 desks, desk 1 Lilly*, desk 2 me, desk 3 Sammy*. Liily* was the girl I had recently been in a fight with and she also recently wrote something on her pencil pouch. When she walked away I looked at it and it said ALLIE* IS A JERK! I she was trying to get people on her side but I knew I had to do something cause that thing really bothered me. I went up to my teacher and told her what she had done and Mrs.Hiters* told her to throw it away. Moral of this story is either you will be told on or you will be caught. (* names have been changed)

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