Be the rainbow of a bully's dark storm.

July 10, 2012
The world is filled with a variety of different personalities. From outgoing loud-mouths, to silent, hidden, unnoticed figures. You might call these people, the popularity crowd and the outcasts. The gossip girls and boys, and the loners. No matter who we are and where we stand, all of us have a reason to be who we are.

Dark memories are what make us weak inside. We keep them secret by distracting others with charm or staying engulfed in the shadows of our own minds. Either way, a memory is a memory and you can't escape it. Some we chase down to relive, while others we cherish with all our hearts. We all have fears living inside of us. You may think the outgoing people are strong willed and stand up against any fight, but in reality, they are just too scared to back down, for the sake of their own cruel reputation. If you feel that you are one of those outcasts, some day you will stand up to the ones who chased you into those shadowed corners, because,

the darker a storm, the more bright and beautiful that rainbow will be in the end.

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