Bullies Today

July 3, 2012
By writewithyourheart BRONZE, Emporium, Pennsylvania
writewithyourheart BRONZE, Emporium, Pennsylvania
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Bullies today seem to be different than what our parents, or teachers remember from their time. Sometimes, bullies are hurting other kids without even directly meaning to. But yet they still do it, even when they are asked to stop. Is this because parents of today haven't paid enough attention? Not necessarily.
Our generation just doesn't understand what is hurting other peers. And nowadays, teens have learned to hide what they are feeling very well, for fear of not being acccepted by society.
Bullying 'back then' was more noticeable. To help this matter, parents of today should teach their children young that when someone asks them to stop something, even if they are laughing, it could be hurting them. Often times our peers are ending their life because they are being bullied, but nobody ever saw the signs.

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