You're Laughing as She Cries Endless Tears

June 27, 2012
Everyone has once had an encounter with bullying, correct? I know I have. Every day, someone is getting harassed verbally, physically, and sexually. I myself am a victim of harassment of each of them. I know what you're thinking right about now. "She is only writing this so people will feel sorry for her." No, I am writing this to help spread word that bullying isn't funny and is a serious matter.
You tell you mom, "All I did was say-" and you are stopped right there. Your mom knows that words hurt too, that's why she stopped you. As much as you think that calling someone fat, ugly, slut and so on once doesn't matter, it does. There are people out there who will go all day without food to make society happy, and still fall asleep crying. You don't notice, but maybe that girl wearing baggy clothes that you call lesbian wears them because she's anorexic. Maybe that boy who is always listening to music finds that to be his only escape. Maybe he pulls his sleeves down so you don't see his scars. Those boys and girls who act big and tough when someone says something to them? Inside they're dying. You don't know how badly you can hurt someone by just a few words or uncommon gestures. Before you go and judge someone, ask yourself if you're perfect. I can guarantee you'll find several flaws. If not, your conceitedness is your flaw.

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