April 27, 2012
By LaChapelle BRONZE, Greenwood, Missouri
LaChapelle BRONZE, Greenwood, Missouri
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Bullying, it's just not right, actually its just a way of showing you someone is hurt and they have a bully them self. Most bully's to the day are just hurt from others. So take a look this way someone you see in the hall is being bullied notice 3 things, the victim, the witness, and then the bully. The victim some times is boosting the bully's moral by screaming "fight" or cheering him on. An American Justice Department states that 1 out of every 4 kids are bullied through their adolescence. And think its true the way you look at it.

Not all bullying is in your school in the halls at the lunch room, most people when they hear the word bully they think a kid getting punched beat up or taking lunch money. Truth it about 43% of victims are bullied over online. Now that kinda shows a sign of weakness either the person is very board or gets bullied and looked down on by others. Cyber bullying is more frequently used then any other form of bullying. Sites that are bullying hot spots include face book and my space. Most of the social networking websites.

Research has it that boys are doing the most bullying out of girls. 77% of kids admit to being a victim of some sort of type of bullying. From 4th to 8th grade 8th graders have the most foul and hurtful language being said. That shows the higher age the worse kids get over time, and think if this keeps up bullying will end up just a permanent thing for kids. Lots of students don't tell an adult about their bullying because they are afraid that the bully will get in trouble and find even more ways to hurt the victim of bullying.

Bullying is never the right way to go, keep watch if kids at school are coming back with different attitudes its said most kids go home and act differently around parents friends and even teachers if it gets bad enough. Bully's strike in the elementary schools on the playground most frequently. If its middle school or high school more at lunch and the halls ways.

Physical fights are what cause bullying the most males have 46% of physical fight and 26% of physical fighting is done by females but everyone has a different mind and can take so much til their fuse blows. Bullying is don't mostly by race, gender, your sexual preferences most of those reasons are online but can be found in a local school. Just to show you bullying even happens at your school if you see it tell someone that is adult or anyone who can help. If you don't see it look for it. And take a chance to stand up for them if you want. Bullying should be stopped and anyone can do something to stop it. My feeling about bullying are, It is wrong so don't do it. you only show people your weak and a jerk.

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