June 7, 2012
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I’m going to tell you about the story of an innocent girl, named Brooklyn, who was tortured by the way she was treated in high school. Before high school though, she had gone to a Catholic school where her class size was no more than 25 people. She knew everyone; so high school was going to be very different for her. More people, more drama, and more work!

When she got to high school she found it was not so hard. She made friends and did the things she loved, like singing and playing the piano. She hung out with friends all the time, but they all got involved in high school drama, and that drama was her downfall. She became tangled in lies, and tricks, and schemes, until shdidn't’t know up from down, friend from enemy.

The day we returned to school after winter break would end as her breaking point. She was teased and laughed at, and in the end one of her valued friends told her that the world would be better if Brooklyn was dead. She told her to commit suicide, and that no one would care. Brooklyn thought this girl was her friend and believed her.

That night, when she got home from school, she went up to her room. Her mother was out getting her brother from soccer practice, and her older sister and younger brother were upstairs watching a movie. She thought it would be the perfect time, and that nobody would notice. She went on Facebook and wrote her goodbye, saying not blame ourselves and that it was what she wanted. Then she took all the medicine she could find and locked herself in the bathroom.

Brooklyn is my sister.

She locked herself in the bathroom and ate all the pills she had found. That’s when I got a call from a friend saying Brooklyn had written an unusual post and I needed to check on her ASAP! I went to the door of the bathroom and asked her to let me in. I could hear her crying and just kept insisting that she let me in. Just then my mom got home so I went running downstairs to have her come help me. As I ran down the stairs my mom came hurdling up. She had gotten a call as well and demanded that Brooklyn open the door and tell her everything she had taken. They called the doctor and decided that the doses of what she had taken were not lethal, but that she would be super tired from all this.

I know that before my sister I was ignorant to how big a problem bullying is. I might have seen it and not cared, or not helped, or looked the other way. Now I feel ashamed, and know that you have to help, because if you don’t, and they get hurt, you are left wondering what you could have done.

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