Bullying: Predator vs. Prey

May 29, 2012
By katieb22 BRONZE, Frazeysburg, Ohio
katieb22 BRONZE, Frazeysburg, Ohio
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Many people think they know what all there is to know about bullying. To many people it is a word, but in actuality bullying is a wound that never heals. Many of the wounds that are left on people begin to make them depressed or suicidal. It could simply be the words or actions that a human puts upon another human. You could call the person harming another: predator, and the weaker person being picked on a prey. It is morbid that we humans have to label ourselves into a symbol of animals, but it seems most necessary. Being a junior in high school there are many tragic and unbelievable sights that i have to see. I could be walking down the hallway and see someone making fun of another person's outfit, hair, skin color, weight, and many other downgrading things. If I see someone picking on someone else I always try to tell the "predator" that it is absolutely wrong and ask them how they would feel if what they were doing was done to them. Obviously in high school every teenager is in denial and believes it cannot happen to them. I know that one day it will, and that could persuade the "predator" to never harm a "prey" again. A person could say that the act the predator and prey go through is like a teeter-totter. One goes up (predator) while one does down (prey). I have seen people teeter-totter someone else because of their skin color the most. It is always whites teetering blacks. To me this is the biggest problem I have with others..racism. Many people have trouble with someone who is a different skin color than them. I believe god created every person on earth equal and created us as all of his children. If a skin color is darker than another skin color then who cares! To me it would be like hating on a person who likes to tan all the time, their skin color is different, so why don't people make fun of them? Weight is another giant issue that people get bullied for. Whether you are fat or skinny, you will always hear it from someone else. Everyone needs love no matter what size they are. I think the biggest problem with why people bully is because of how they are raised. Meaning, do the parents are for them? Are the parents ever home? Do they get attention at home? Do the children have good and honest friends? If people could somehow fix those problems, I believe bullying could be a resolved issue. There is nothing wrong with being a good person, and being nice to someone everyday. If you just smile or say hello it could make a person's day turn wonderful. Bullying can be preventable; people just have to try to prevent it. People need to always stand with what they believe in. Remember no one is perfect, and will ever be, so stand in awe for another person's imperfections.

The author's comments:

Knowing the effects of bullying inspired me to write it. I hope people understand bullying is one of the most dangerous forms of deaths. I want people to change and appreciate every person as they would themselves.

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Grateful said...
on Jan. 16 at 8:49 am
I appreciated reading your article this morning.
You are right God is not partial  but in every nation the man who fears him and does what is right is acceptable to him.- Acts 10:34,35
Remember it is His view of us is what matters.
No doubt your parents, teachers and classmates appreciate the spirit you show.
There is a video only that is great that you can Google, How to Beat a Bully Without Using Your Fists.

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