May 24, 2012
By Anonymous

Bully:Some people wonder
Why do it,
Why hurt another person?
Hypocrites, the whole lot of them
For they can’t honestly say they never complained about a teacher
Badmouthed a friend behind her back
Thought vicious remarks to their enemies.
So, they can stand there on their pedestals,
High and mighty above the damned of the world
Personally, I think that it is more fun in hell

Bullyed: With every passing day, I wonder
Why me?
Out of all the people to taunt, ridicule, abuse
I was the lucky one
I could think of countless others who deserve the punishment more
Another girl with frizzy hair,
Even worse clothes than my own,
And bad grades to boot,
But no, I was the chosen one
Gosh, I sound like them
It seems their cruelty is rubbing off on me

Bully:The sensation of achievement is indescribable
A rush of endorphins floods my body
And the hurt look on her face feeds the fiery spread
Sadly, the pleasure does not last for nearly long enough
And I am forced to return to my mundane, numb life
Until the next victim arises
And I will seek my high again

Bullyed: Terrified of the next attack,
I flinch with ever turn in the hallway
Their cruel words like whips against my skin
Wounds unable to heal
Before the next attack commences
So I am forced to continue on
Bloody gashes dying my personality with hate

Bully: As the remarks begin to lose their effect
I am forced to up the intensity
Her clothes, her hair, her voice
Nothing escapes my hurtful words
Cruel jokes and mean rumors don’t seem to satisfy my cravings anymore
As the look of sadness on her face morphs to a blank gaze
Neither seeing nor hearing
But it doesn’t matter anyway
It is just high school right, right?

Bullyed: As the endless whipping continues
I begin to adapt to the overwhelming pain
Not accepting, but simply numbing the pain away
Numbing all of my emotions away
For nothing ever seems to be good enough
But tomorrow, that will all change
All the ridicules, the insults, the pain
Will end
I wonder if she will appreciate my necklace of rope

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