May 25, 2012
By Anonymous

The world is full of many problems worthy of our attention. When we turn on the television we see robberies, shootings, or deaths. What one does not see very often is one of the cruelest of all actions. The action of bullying is overlooked in our lives too much. It causes a person’s mind to change dramatically. Bullying is more harmful than any action that can be done to a child or adolescent. I know all of this because I have been a victim of this myself.

I came to High School with so much confidence. I disliked my grade school strongly and was eager to walk into the halls of my famous High School. My first few weeks at school were very challenging on the academic side of things, but on the social side, quite easy. As the weeks turned into months, I began to be picked on little by little each day. I didn’t let it bother me at first. After a while, it started to get to me. It was only two kids, but they knew well how to penetrate the defenses of my mind. It was as if they practiced it their entire lives. I soon found out that the school they came from was notorious for having kids like this and it made me feel a little better knowing that it wasn’t just because they thought I was weird. I let it go for a while but anger began to build up inside me and I didn’t know what to do. So I just began to study them. I realized that they get pure enjoyment out of what they do. When I would react the blows would just hit me harder. It was really hard not to react, and it took me a while to train myself not to, but soon I learned to withhold my reaction. When I did this, the bully was the one who looked like the idiot, not me. Soon enough, the bullying stopped and now I am enjoying high school like I did when I first arrived.

However, the damage of what has been done on my mind has still not been fixed. I still feel anger towards those people. I feel as if I can never forgive them. When I look in the mirror I feel like all I see is what I was made fun of for, and I try to fix it. Although I am told by others that what those bullies have said is not true, I can’t help but believe it sometimes. The effects of bullying can really last a long time, taking control of the mind and making the victim believe that he or she is not good enough and is a mistake. Bullying is a serious issue, it is more harmful than many think and deserves much more attention than it gets.

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