The Victims

May 29, 2012
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Tears flooded from his eyes. He was crying as usual. His hair, the one he combed and gelled this morning, was now all messed up and disheveled. He was bathed with rotten stench from the garbage, blood dripping. He was hungry and yet, his lunchbox was empty. He was holding his picture where his classmates drew scribbles, horns and mustache, making fun of him. When he entered the house, his mother asked him what had happened and again, he didn’t say a thing. He immediately went up to his room just like the other days. This has turned into a habit. His mother trailed behind him and tried to get into the room, but the door was locked. She knocked, still there was no answer. He wasn’t usually like this. She got the spare keys and when she opened the door of his room, he was down on the floor, drained of his blood forever. This is a typical bullying drama.

For most teens school isn’t really about the daily struggle to get good grades. It isn’t about who gets an “A” or an “F”. It’s more of who gets to be the bully and be bullied. This is the game most of the teens play almost every day of their lives, wherever they may be, whatever era they belong, but do we know who really plays the victim here?

Most people would say, bullied teens like the case presented above are victims of the game. Technically they are. They personify abuse, injustice, social defamation and discrimination. These people are obviously the ones being hurt in ever aspects of their lives- emotionally, psychologically, physically and socially. We see their pain, we feel their hurt and hear their cries like an open book. They need comfort and the warmth of our encouragement to continue on with their lives. But are they the only ones who need us? For a few people, the bullies are victims too. They appear strong and intangible, but at the end of the day they are actually hurting too. They act as the devil’s second hand or the antagonist. It may appear that they are one of the scourges of society. However, they too needs help and are just victims of the demands of society, they are the personification of peer pressure.

Both are the victims. The bullies and the ones being bullied are victims of the game of fitting in. It may be that you would not want to join in but the moment you step your foot on this planet you’re already part of it and there is no way out. You can only two sides and no one is allowed to be an audience, it’s either you bully me or I bully you.

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Anonymous said...
Mar. 19, 2016 at 11:31 pm
Imagiene having to be a victim of such horrible things. Imagiene coming home everyday and having those things follow you home every day and haunt you. Those things, making you feel like you do not even know yourself anymore. The bullying situation will grow if we let it. It needs to be stopped, but we are so used to not wanting to be apart of the trouble and problems that we dont notice it but, we are becoming by standers, which are just as bad as the bully itself. There are many possible types ... (more »)
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