May 25, 2012
By jaylin fair BRONZE, Addis, Louisiana
jaylin fair BRONZE, Addis, Louisiana
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Bullying is a nationwide problem! And because of bullying, teasing, judging, and many more words that make up this one word which is BULLYING! Bullying is causing suicide, low self-esteem, and most likely more bullying to increase. In my opinion, I think bullying is a mean and harsh treatment because you’re hurting someone else feelings or even causing that person to kill themselves or do something not even caused for.
The question that I have is many but here are the most concerned questions that I have. Why bully someone if you can observe that they have low self-esteem? Not so much low self-esteem of themselves but just the fact that they are different from others. Instead of being mean you should really think of a solution to the problem of bullying like the person who is being bullied to include them in the circle with your group of friends, let them sit at the lunch table with you, most of all take up for the person who is being bullied. Be a hero towards the person who is being bullied.
Like my English teacher told the class “Most of the time, A bully is not going to fight against a group of people if you take up for him/her being bullied by just this one bully!” To be honest I think that is true! Most likely the bully picks on a person who is once again DIFFERENT in anything (size, shape, race, age, and etc...) and who knows this certain person isn’t going to fight back! I guess that’s the number one key for the bully!
My insight for the teens, adults, teachers, or whomever out in the world being bullied or knows someone who is being bullied every day , any day to speak up don’t be afraid to tell your parents, teachers, and even guidance counselors. Sometimes you may think that some adults will not understand like many of us teenagers do but give it a chance because maybe they will, maybe they went through bullying also but tell someone what is going on someone who will truly help you from being bullied in school or outside of school. Most of all don’t let this person who is bullying you make you have low self-esteem or make you feel like you are being a “snitch” because trust me you are not. You are helping yourself and other people too, from constantly or continuously hurting themselves over bullying. Also my English teacher told the class, “Don’t be the person in the future to say I wish I could have or should have done this or that “We all have the chance now to make a change. Plus the person who is bullying you can be going through things and taking his/her problems out on you and do not even know what you can be going through. Have a voice everyone speak up; let’s make a change a difference out in the world, most of all STOP THE BULLYING!

The author's comments:
i thought that i should speak up and have a voice try and help people by my opinion that i have on bullying
i really hope the audience who is reading my piece of work really understand that having a voice is a way to help bullying not only bullying but anything to make the world a better place. (:

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