Bullying: There's More to it

May 25, 2012
By PatriciaTR BRONZE, Roxbury, Massachusetts
PatriciaTR BRONZE, Roxbury, Massachusetts
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As we, teenagers, go through our career as students, there are numerous events that we witness and are involved in. Bullying is one that occurs constantly. We are sometimes blinded by comedy and cannot see that what we are doing might be emotionally or physically hurting someone. Yes, comedy should not be an excuse for bullying others, but people need to understand that the cause of this is the lack of understanding.
I have been talking about bullying in my school since the death of Phoebe Prince, a fifteen year old girl you committed suicide after she was being bullied at school. This happened on January 14, 2010, a day after my fifteenth birthday, hearing that a girl my age would kill herself because of bullying hit me hard. This showed me that bullying is more than getting pushed around on the playground. As a freshman I know that your reputation matters and it is what declares if you are popular or the weird girl that sits in the corner alone. Phoebe’s death was the only case of bullying I even heard that was more that someone stealing someone’s lunch money. Because of her death, it led to many schools not tolerating the act of bullying.
I have been constantly told that bullying is something that occurs respectively. However, this should not mean that people should discard that one situation that occurs between two students, because it was not something that happened more than once. Someone that gets taunted once means that there is a higher chance it will happen again if no one acknowledges it. During a discussion in my AP English class we concluded that bullying cannot be put to a rest because a bully does not feel like what they are doing is wrong. Bullying to them is part of their daily routine. The only thing that we can do is decrease how frequent someone might get bullied. But without an authority power constantly in site, it does not mean we will see any changes. Parents, teachers, schools, and community centers can still inform teenagers about bullying, but they have to take into consideration that some teenagers question the world. This means that we will question bullying and those questions have to be answered in details and be addressed clearly. Because even now when I ask my teachers about what can be consider bullying, they say it depends on the situation. Bullying is not something we can get rid of or determine with one analysis. It is something that is hindering numerous students from obtains an education, and has to be carefully examined to find some solution. Teenagers, and not just only adults, have to work together and address the problem with full force, because, bullying is affecting our future. If we do not do anything to make a change, like a bull it will run wild, and we are not going to be able to predict what future complications we might have to face.

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