My POV on Bullying

May 25, 2012
By ItsGechi BRONZE, Lees Summit, Missouri
ItsGechi BRONZE, Lees Summit, Missouri
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Bullying itself has been around for a very long time. It is just now that it is being brought into the spotlight, mainly because of the advancement of technologies which is making bullying more simple and easier to get away with, and the increased number of reported teenage suicides.
In schools, teachers and administrators do they best they can to prevent bullying. But the only bullying they are prevent are the stereotypical 6 against 1 high school scenario that are used in older movies. What they struggle so hard to prevent are the sly comments whispered in the hallways, or that person over-hearing random people talking about them. Another example of bullying they cannot stop is the looks on student’s faces when said person walks past them. Although this is not a very much publicized version of harassment, its hurts just as much as a verbal attack; feeling of not belonging damages a person self-esteem, self-confidence and leads people to depression.
Online bullying also contributes to the bullying epidemic. Teen social networks as in Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram, are the more recent forms of bullying. Teenagers feel as though they can do whatever they want online because they are not in school. But they forget that what they post can be seen by everyone. It is understood that this has been used many times to explain internet danger but just because teachers say it doesn’t mean teens really hear it.
One of my friends informed me of a girl on Instagram who had posted a date of which she was going to kill herself. Many people on Instagram reacted quickly which included the hash tag #savepaige. This girl had informed people that she went on Instagram for help and advice and that she was truly suicidal. But a few users, one in particular, constantly commented on her posts and posts about her saying this as in; fake, liar, sick and heartless, pathetic and other harsher words.
Unfortunately, this girl did kill herself much to the dismay of the people who truly tried to help her. One user compiled some of the hateful comments made by the user written about in the last paragraph. Instagram has deleted her account but the damage had already been done.

What should be done to resolve some of the bullying that takes place across the nation is to make it mandatory for every student to watch some kind of documentary on bullying. Just like in Health class, where students watch movies and have speakers come into the class and talk to them about a specific topic. Have students watch a bulling documentary including real teens movie and have real people come in discuss how they were bullied and others tell them about bulling-influenced suicides.

Bullying will never go away, that’s a fact. But we can significantly reduce the amount of teenagers hurt and killed by something completely unnecessary.

The author's comments:
I hope people read this, and really realize this "epidemic" can't be stopped, but can be reduced.

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