Dust & Wine

May 24, 2012
By bloo387 BRONZE, FPO, Other
bloo387 BRONZE, FPO, Other
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A cut
A scab
A scar
A wound
What’s the use of a useless label?

A tear
A shout
A cry
A scream
Why cry out when you’re not able?

A crawl
A walk
A run
A sprint
Where do you go when held by cables?

A free spirit kept in shackles
An idea left to rust
Confidence simply tackled
Spirit turned to dust

A mom
A dad
A friend
A spouse
When and where would the change be felt?

A sound
A song
A word
A speech
Here is when the cards are dealt

A smile
A laugh
A hug
A kiss
Here is when the past will melt

A free spirit left to roam
Ideas meant to shine
Confidence plated by chrome
Spirit sparkling like wine

The author's comments:
Well, I personally have gone through a phase of bullying. The situation eventually changed, hence the photo of the sign showing the option of a different road to take. I wrote the poem with the idea that there is that "light at the end of the tunnel" in mind, but I chose to leave it vague enough for others to interpret it how they will. Thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts? :)

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