You Always Have A Second Chance

May 15, 2012
By Anonymous

When I 3rd grade I thought it will be fun because I was with my friends and knew, with how nice I was, I will make more. That didn't happen. You see with me I was born with a learing disability and a speech impairment. It made me a target for bullying. I hated hearing the teasing and taunting because I wasn't the same as other kids. Every day I was scared to attend school. I was abenst many times during school which made my teachers wonder so I had no choice but to actually go to school. The thing is I did want to go to overcome the bullying.

Before I ended 3rd grade I was in a major car accident that almost killed me. Me, my uncle and my older cousion was hit by a drunk driver. I suffered more then my uncle and cousion did. A whole bunch of glass went into the right side of my head and they had to do surgrey that lasted 7 hours. They installed a metal plate in my head which saved my life. I had to miss the rest of the 3rd grade and half of 4th grade. The kids still said nasty things about me and one said he hopes I die. That hurt a lot but I didn't listen to it.

In June of 2011 is when I finally found out after my whole life that I have hearing loss in my left ear. They explained that I couldn't hear sounds or certain words people say to me. The words and sounds don't really process to my brain like people with normal hearing. I wear a hearing aid but before that I had to read people's lips and use sign laugauge. Being in high school and having all of these problems made people bully me more. I was hit aganist lockers, told to drop out, to go and die and that I was ugly. They wouldn't stop even though I stick up for myself. I have the small hearing aid that goes in my ear so no one notices it at less I take it out. I did a few times in Art class thinking no one will say anything mean but I was wrong. Four people in that class were laughing about me being hard of hearing. Every single move I made in that class was made fun of. I told the school about it and they talked to all of them but they didn't want me in the class so I have to go to a different room to do my work. I really hated the kids for doing that to me.

I'm not any different from other kids that are bullied. I did think of killing myself and I use to cut myself but when I was 15 I stopped because I didn't want them to have me thinking those thoughts or harming myself. I had great friends and family to help me through it.

Bullying has always been part of my life. Even though I'm almost done with school it will still be there. What happened with the bullying won't go away. I went through a lot in my short life but I'm a surivor. I dealt with it and found ways to cope with it like writing and talking it out with my family and friends and some trusted teachers. I don't need to end my life over something that will probably stop after school is over.
My message for people who read this and is getting bullied its get much better. You don't have to end your life over something that will probably stop. Before it gets worst you should tell a teacher, parent, sister or brother and even if you have to call the police to scared them. You have so much to live for and so much you can do with your life. The bullying will stop, take it from someone who has been there.

The author's comments:
I always hear about kids being bullied and see it. I had a close friend of mine killed himself over bullying because of him being gay and I wanted everyone to hear my story and know it gets better if you live to see it.

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