They'll Never Know

May 1, 2012
By SapphireLamour DIAMOND, Omaha, Nebraska
SapphireLamour DIAMOND, Omaha, Nebraska
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She was quiet and she was just a bit shy.
She was different and so they made her cry.
They barely gve her one quick glance.
They never even gave her a chance.
If they'd only looked then they'd have seen
A girl who was beautiful, kind, quick and keen.
Now its too late and they'll never know
All of the great things she had to show.
They'll never know all of the wonderful secrets she'd known
Or all the beautiful places that with her they could have flown
Because now she goes invisible and alone
As across the world her spirit is blown.
They'll never know she could have been great friend
Because her time here has come to its end.
They'll never know all that could have been
Or if someone would have fallen in love with her grin.
They'll never know all that she might have done
had she not been so cruelly shunned.
Maybe she'd have had kids or gotten married someday
After finding love somewhere along the way.
Perhaps she'd have been kind or perhaps a cruel miser,
But they'll never know for they're none the wiser.
To those she told she was ttreatd like s***
They called it life and told her to get over it.
They never know that she sobbed so constantly
or that one could scream so loud yet so silently.
Maybe if she were treated better she'd still be here.
But they'll never know now will they, my dear?
For with one act so big yet really so small
She took her own life and ended it all.
Though they know it's a lie
they say they'll never know why.
But they're just afraid the truth would show
All of these things that they'll never know.

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