Stop Bullying

May 7, 2012
By Ginnelle23 BRONZE, Ct, Connecticut
Ginnelle23 BRONZE, Ct, Connecticut
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Stop Bullying

Bullying has become the main issue in America and the steps that the adults are taking are small. The victims and their parents as well as teachers need to take imitate action whenever seeing such behavior .Because being bullied can lead to suicides and drinking, smoking .Sometimes a person can be bullied by one or several individual at a time.

America doesn’t seem to realize the significance of school bully. Why hasn’t it stop? You have to put yourself in the victim’s shoes. Imagine ,going to school five days a week with kids constantly harassing you taunting you and worst of all humiliating you in front of crowds of people. Bullying may start in school but it can lead outside of school as well. Some people feel that if it’s not their child being bullied then they should not care .That is wrong because its effecting their children education. Kids who ill-treat other kids by teasing or dominating their classmate with their hands cause a negative atmosphere.

Bullying causes so much pain both physically and mentally. Kids sometimes commit suicide. Sometimes teens are bullied for their race, appearance and sometimes their sexual preferences. I’ve seen cases on the news were kids commit suicide because of these things. America supposed to be a country of freedom, no one should be picked on because of what they like or believe in. The parents of the kids who is taking advantage of other parents kids need to do a better job.

Kids who have been bullied tend to do horrible things as they grow older. After years of being put down and teased these victims get depressed, and want do feel filled with power. Sometimes they turn to being murders, or abusers of their own children. They do these things because of how they were treated. If that was cured from the beginning none of this would of happen.
In conclusion I hope by 2013 when I graduate to go out into the real world that something will be done to stop bullying .Bullying is a devastating thing to both the individual and the ones surrounding them. Being bullied can lead to death and bad behavior.

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