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April 13, 2018
By joejaeger BRONZE, Wyckoff, New Jersey
joejaeger BRONZE, Wyckoff, New Jersey
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Fortnite is a very action-filled game where people run around a map and try to pick up items to defeat their opponents. This game has accumulated over 3.4 million players daily as it started its adventure in late 2017. There are two modes Battle Royale and Save the World, Battle Royale is just like Hunger Games in which you run around to pick up items and get a Victory Royale which means you were the last man standing on the map. Save the World on the other hand is a mode where you and friends build a base with all sorts of traps on it and zombies come and try to destroy the base and you have to kill them in order to successfully win that mission.

When you start on the game mode Battle Royale you spawn on a little island with a runway. You can run around pick up items or just sit there and wait for the game to start. After about 10-15 seconds or when the lobby gets full to 100 players the “Battle Bus” will launch and it will bring you to the island you will play on for the win. When you jump out of the battle bus there are many places to land such as Greasy Grove, Loot Lake, and Retail Row. Some of the locations that got added post launch are Titled Towers, Snobby Shores, and Shifty Shafts. When you jump out of the Battle Bus you have a glider that you can manually put on if you want to get somewhere that you are not close to. When in flight if you go straight down the glider will deploy automatically so you don’t hit the ground too hard. Once landed you run around the map searching for weapons and materials. The long range weapons are assault rifles, scars, crossbows, and snipers all of the weapons have at least two rarities. The close range weapons are shotguns, pistols suppressed and unsuppressed, submachine guns suppressed and unsuppressed, and the new addition the handcannon. While in game you can build structures the building options are stairs, walls, floors, or a pyramid this leads to people building if they get hit with something. The material options are wood, brick, and metal. Many people can build a two story fort in under 30 seconds which is crazy, most of the builders that can do this are on the computer because they don’t have to use a controller. With all of the building going on and no way really to destroy it Epic Games the creators of fortnite thought of an idea that will change base building forever, a minigun. This weapon allows you to destroy a wooden base in seconds. They also just released the newest weapon a c4 you can throw it and detonate it on your command and it has a pretty big blast radius. While in fights people get very injured and have to heal that’s why they added bandages which heal you to 75% health at implements of 15. They also have a medkit which puts you to 100% and it takes 10 seconds to use it. After you are 100% health you also have a shield layer which goes up to 100%. They have small shields which take 2 seconds to use and it goes up 25% but you can only use them when you are under 50% shield, they have a shield potion which gets used in 5 seconds and does 50% of your shield no matter what percent you are at. Slurp juices take 2 seconds to use and they bring you up 25% shield and health no matter what you are at, a chug jug is pretty rare to come by but it takes 15 seconds to use it and it automatically puts you up to max shields and health. The last healing item is a campfire put place it down and it heals all people around the item it lasts for 25 seconds and heals by 2% every time. If you are in  danger an have no heals you could always use a jump pad to flee the area. You place it down on a man-made floor and when you jump on it you get launched up into the air and you can pull the parachute that is on your character to get as far away as possible. Some people have a tactic they like to do and that is to wait for the storm to come (if you stay in it you take damage) and build a massic stairway up in the air and build a base in the air people usually never see it coming. It is very hard to kill you because no one can see where you are and they can’t break the floor because the players on it keep rebuilding it and rain on you from above.

The other mode they have is Save the World and that is a group of players team up to complete missions against zombies. They have the weapons from Battle Royale but they can upgrade them, but they also have weapons that are solely for Save the World like a sword and a mini pistol. Most people who play fortnite haven’t played with this gamemode as you have to pay for it. You can create weapons from materials you have collected, build bases, and complete challenges to help you rank up. When you rank up you can earn a skill point and that allows you to upgrade your skill tree which can help you be better in the game and gives you better things.

As you can see Fortnite is a very fun game and is one of the most popular out in the gaming world right now. Many people play for the “Battle Royale” part of the game but a small portion come for the player vs. enemy “Save The World” also. This game has made Epic Games about $126 million in February 2018 from people buying skins and the battle pass. Many people buy skins because it makes their character look cool when they run around the island, but others think it is a waste of money and stick with the skins the game gives you.

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