March Madness 2018

April 12, 2018
By JTTTTTT BRONZE, Franklin Lakes, New Jersey
JTTTTTT BRONZE, Franklin Lakes, New Jersey
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One of the most exciting times of the year is almost upon us. In a couple of weeks, March Madness will have everyone watching, cheering their team on, and making brackets. This year is especially exciting because there are so many good teams, and no clear cut favorite. The four projected top seeds, Virginia, Villanova, Xavier and Kansas have all had mediocre seasons considering their going to be number one seeds. Virginia had the best record in the NCAA; however, they have not played like a like a number one seed. Virginia lost to unranked Virginia Tech, only beat unranked Boston College by one point, and was losing to an unranked Louisville team for most of the game until barely coming back to win on a buzzer beater. The second ranked overall team in the bracket, Villanova, also has a lot of flaws this season with a record of 14-4 in their conference. Although four losses does not seem terrible, it is for a team who plays in the Big East because of how easy the schedule is. Another concern is that sometimes they don’t look like one of the best teams in the bracket. They lost to unranked teams such as Butler, Providence, St. Johns, and Creighton. It makes them very susceptible to lose early in the bracket because they play down to their competition’s level. This is also a problem with Xavier, whos another top seed in the tournament who plays in the Big East Conference. Xavier is arguably the worst number one seed in the bracket based on their losses. They got destroyed by an unranked Arizona State team 102-86, lost to unranked Providence, and got blown out twice by their rival Villanova. The last number one seed, Kansas, is the most vulnerable to an early loss in the tournament. They have been like the normal Kansas teams in the past. They’re not as talented, don't have as much depth, and have a lot of trouble with rebounding. To add on to that, sometimes they just don't show up to play the way they can. Four of their six losses were to unranked ranked team. Considering that they don't always play their best basketball, they have the opportunity to get beat early in the bracket. Obviously, this year there are no clear cut favorites to make the finals, the final four, or even the Elite Eight. Based on the top seeds, this year's bracket really does classify as “madness”.

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