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Stressing Over Colllege

April 5, 2018
By Emmery SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
Emmery SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
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I found the article, "Stressing Over College," by Shelby L., to be relatable and astonishingly accurate. As a junior in highschool, I can understand the hard and blunt pressure that is presented to highschool students as a motiviating obstacle. But expectations are hard to acheive, especially when they grow with every moment of success under your belt. The success that you pushed yourself to the brink of despair to obtain-long nights and early mornings. There are times I have had spliting headaches and I am part of the "25 percent of teens," who suffers from episodes of anxiety, I do not have headaches to the point where I "suffer from chronic migraines," but I believe if the claustrophobic pressure to constantly strain myself isn't released soon, then the ever-growing wall of expectations will crumble down on me in a rain of utter disappointment. All of this stress is coupled with my own determination to be someone successful, but I cannot allow this stress to rule my life; as a result, I am looking for a variety of stress relievers and I'm content to say they have worked pretty well. Thank you Shelby for sharing your concern about the hard-to-swallow reality of being a budding adult in highschool, I enjoyed feeling like I am not alone in this regard. Again, thank you.

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