Dear America

February 23, 2018
By Anonymous

 After Florida, after the Parkland Massacre, after Sandy Hook, and the numerous shootings I have not mentioned debates have raged. They rage as if they stood as the bullets rained, and they fight as if their very life depends on which side of the debate wins. Yes, they stand and fight for their precious gun.        

Meanwhile, the body toll keeps on growing and people continue to fight and feud as a cat would when their claws are being taken. “It is the person, not the gun!” They cry, “You cannot take away my rights!” They add on. Little do they consider and think of all the rights that have been taken from those that have perished. And based on the very foundation of American society, one’s right should never triumph over another’s. Once that line has been crossed, it goes against the very principles our founders and country have long been abiding and improving with. 

My friends, my sibling, and my family, lay awake at night and worry. They worry for their personal safety as they go to get an education, they worry that one day they may awake, and willingly walk into a building with open gunfire, just for an education. And I lay awake and think, of how I thought our society to be long away from dying for an education. I lay awake and cry for the mothers, the fathers the siblings, and those who survive these tragedies. Yes, they may walk away with their lives, and they may not be wounded in such a way where you can see blood, but do you not look in their eyes and see the wounds that have now broken the surface? Do you not see your children and society suffering?  

  I worry for those that do not feel driven, that continue to clean their guns and shrug. I worry for our president, and the many others who blame it on the pretense of it being a fault of the mentally ill. I worry and worry, my thoughts cycling, like all the hate and blame that is now running through this country, as thick as the blood spilled.

To those that are listening, to those who do want to make a change. To those who do see the injustice, who do feel the fear that has now deposited itself in many a heart. Please, fight this. Please, raise your voice. Please, give those who have perished, justice.

The author's comments:

I have not been inspired, but moved by what has been going in America as of late. Change needs to occur.

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