Good Nature by Turnover

January 10, 2018
By Alex_Dean BRONZE, Defiance , Ohio
Alex_Dean BRONZE, Defiance , Ohio
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The Writing titled, “Good Nature Turnover.” written by Campbell M., talks about how good this new album by Turnover is. His writing left me feeling inspired to listen. I agree with this article because the band Turnover has changed or in other words evolved. Turnover has changed style in their own ways. For example, the author says, “He trades in his teen angst for happiness and adulthood.” This means the band has grown up and has stronger lyrics and more harmony. The new tone of Turnover is more vivid and brighter than they used to be in their old albums. The author also said, “low rhythms that develop a feel-good atmosphere, and driving drums that push forward the song.” As the singer changed his lyrics, the whole band changed their style with him.

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