Soul in Duskiness

December 28, 2017
By Sedra Tanta SILVER, Damascus, Other
Sedra Tanta SILVER, Damascus, Other
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I have been beside you from the beginning till the end . When you were going through the most worst time , I was there near you , I was the shoulder which you tended to when you felt lonely in this world , I was as a shelter for you when you've fallen in a disaster or problem . All of these moments , the bad before the good ones , I have been alongside you without getting bored . Everytime you asked me to be with you when at your sorrowful positions ; I did with a pleasure .After a while , I began to discover things which nobody knows about them although you are a very vague person and I did not get tired of more discovering.

I found something special in you , also when nobody noticed it . Genuinely ; you have occupied a part in the depth of my heart , I do not know what is it ?! . Every unique detail in your character attracted me ; the way you talk , laugh and moreover the way you treat people around you.

We were not similar as much as we were different and this what I loved the most , the difference between us was the stunning touch even though many of our ideas were related , this conflict between similarity and difference was amazing . I think that nothing could take your place inside of my heart because it is special just like you . I don't know if I can call this a love ?or just admiring the character you own ?! . One thing that made a doubt for me ; and it is a question which I am still thinking in order to find an answer ,why have you changed ?what is the reason ?is there someone who changed you ?! . Simply , you have forgetten all the moments and times we passed together !! . Until now I can not believe that you moved on these things ! . Hoewever , I do not hate you at all , your place is kept and it will not be replaced by anyone ; regardless of the sudden leaving which broke my heart . And for sure I want to thank you for your belief in me , in my purposes and your big supporting . I will never forget any little thing of those.

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