An Autobiography

December 19, 2017
By Anonymous

Every story has a beginning, mine started January 6th 2002 I'm 15 years old and I'm a sophomore. I have 2 moms a step mom and real mom, a real dad two half brothers, one full blooded brother, and two half sisters that are twins.


It gets annoying to keep track of everyone, well I haven't seen my real mom in ages, well court came up and visitations were on the okay. It started small, like going to the park with my brothers. My real mom had rights to my half brothers, not to me and my full brother. It went to going to her house for a few hours every other weekend to staying the whole weekend every other weekend. Well I loved spending time with my mother, kinda more with my brothers. I was a fricken chubby chica, well my brothers were all older except for christ-tian my full blooded brother, he was a year younger than me. The other boys were maybe 2-4 years older than me. And it's sad because I don't even know their age, or birthday's because I haven't seen them as much as I would like too. Well anyways, we would always play the same games outside smear the queer, dodge ball on the trampoline, and cops and robbers. When we played it was always me first, I usually got everything because I was the only girl at the time. But soon my mom cheated on her boyfriend with his best friend at a party at her house. He left her and she moved in with her new boyfriend, Dan.


You see, Dan was no normal man. He was a sex offender. Like I said before, I was the only girl. And he was on the sex offender list for doing whatever he did. Now at that time, I was in the room on the bunk bed watching Jason the movie while my brothers were wrestling on top. Eventually it broke and I busted my head on the dresser and had to take medication and not fall asleep yet. I went home told my parents and they looked up his name and found out the he was what he was, A Sex Offender. I was scared, I mean my mom told me about the dude and made it seem so big of a problem- and it was. So we weren't allowed to go to her house, and we told her we weren't allowed until she found a new place where he won't be at. She took that as a "I don't want you to speak, call, visit nothing to my kids" because that's exactly what she did. She left us and we haven't been able to see our brothers. It's kind of depressing, this whole situation with my family. I mean, my half-brothers turned out to be doing drugs, one is a drug dealer last time I heard. Oh and the family never spoke to us or invited us at all, Instead they blocked us out of their life and we were all alone at that time. All I had as family was my step-mom's and dad's side of their family. Which they're pretty cool I might add, I have been making sure that I don't turn out like anyone in my screwed up family because I know I'm better than that you know?

But that's okay maybe I don't know. But it seems like out of all the things I've been told and showed have a reason you know? My life is pretty depressing at times most are pretty uplifting and I'm okay happy about it. But not everyone knew that I was depressed, like really bad. I began to think about the unthinkable if you're getting the hint I'm trying to tell you...

If you want to know just keep reading. And reading. Oh and more reading.

Have a box of tissues because there might be points where you WILL cry.

The author's comments:

"I don't know how to explain to yuo how my life was hard. because saying my life was hard isn't enough to decribe how hard it was."

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