Issues Revolving Around My Community

November 17, 2017
By Anonymous

Our society reflects who we are as a whole. It is our duty, as proud citizens, to maintain the prestige appearance of our city. We must stay up to date with the issues that are affecting our community. As time passes, many issues arise each year and our city usually finds solutions to them. Although this year has had a significant amount of issues that have yet to be resolved, including both crime and pollution. Gradually the rate continues to rise and creates a plethora of new problems for the area. Another major problem that our city has endured, focuses on health care services. Many families are unfortunate and cannot afford these expensive prices for the benefit of their own health. If I were mayor of my town, I would address these issues by increasing awareness of the neighborhood, publicizing the strategies to prevent littering, and providing free health care.

Around my community, there are many crimes that occur. This has become a widespread concern for all Americans across the globe. There has been a plethora of shootings and robberies that have taken place around the area. Therefore this causes our community to feel unsafe in our own neighborhoods. We no longer are able to take a stroll around the block because gangs surround the perimeter.  The increase in crime rates can lead to risk a of physical harm amongst the neighbors. Also, it can lead to stress and mental health issues for the residents. As a way to prevent crime, we must increase the awareness of our neighbors by creating neighborhood watch groups. This can be a strategy to prevent any crimes from occurring and to impose cooperation with law enforcement upon each resident. These neighborhood watch groups will rally all residents to achieve their goal of creating a crime-free environment.

Liter fills the streets of our society. This is a major health violation and causes our community to appear as unappealing. The streams that run along the streets and freeways, are filled with oil and trash. Waste seems to appear everywhere; the sidewalks, grass areas, and streets. Also, the refineries that are on the outskirts of our neighborhoods produce large amounts of smog and foul smells that pollute the air. Pollution has always remained as one of the top issues within our community. We must, in someway, portray that both pollution and littering are serious threats to the environment. By advising our fellow neighbors to turn green, they will be able to see the positive effects of sustaining a clean and litter free area. Each individual can spread the word by setting an example for others; parents and adults can pick up litter whenever they see it on the street to influence children to do the same. This will create a constant cycle amongst those living in the neighborhood: once you see litter on the floor, you pick it up. Recycling must also be a habit that each resident abides to. Slowly, the word will spread throughout every family and generate a new healthy economy.

As I grew older, I began to realize more about my community. There are many issues that revolve around us. I never paid much attention to the services that my city provided for us citizens. Just about in every plaza, there are dental offices, clinics, hospitals, optometrys, and many more. Although as I learned more about the specific details, there were many requirements that these health services demanded. Once you fill out forms for any of these services, there are many questions that focus on both you and your family’s annual income, current jobs, and other specific information. For majority of these health services, you must meet certain income standards or else you will not receive aid. This will be an issue for many individuals that make a low-income each year. These barriers will lead to inadequate insurance coverage and a lack of competent care.

For as long as I could remember, my family and I never had any health services simply because we were unfortunate. My parents could not afford health care due to the expensive costs. Each time that one of us would become either ill or injured, we would attempt to go to the doctors. Over the years, my parents had gone into debt due to the expensive medical bills. For the sake of their financial burden, my family and I had stopped going to health services despite the exigency. Majority of people will believe that welfare will help assist your financial and health care status, although this is not true. My mother applied for many welfare related programs, although they also required a certain income. After experimenting with several of these programs, she came into realization that they do not cover everything. In fact, you do receive financial aid for these services yet it does not cover half of the expenses. Most importantly it is recommended that you have insurance coverage to avoid paying extra. Since my family and I did not have insurance, every bill doubled in price. Most of these health services charge an expensive first time fee, despite the fact that the person may be in critical need of help. More health centers should be made for low-income families to prevent widespread diseases and injuries. We must disclose this problem to the public in order to achieve competent care and health equity for all individuals.

A peaceful and economical community would influence our citizens to have unquestionable integrity for the area that we live in. As citizens, we must deconstruct the false image that our society has abided to. We must take a stand and refuse to let our community tarnish under these conditions. Without crime, we can establish positive relationships and ensure safety amongst all residents. A safe, healthy, and caring environment is a vital component for the lives of every person. An environment affects a person both mentally and physically, so it is crucial that we sustain a healthy residence.

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