Undocumented Immigrants and Sanctuary Cities

November 9, 2017
By Anonymous

Undocumented immigrants and sanctuary cities are criminal programs putting a huge burden on our country and disrespects the fundamental right every country has to defend and protect its borders. Undocumented immigrants are criminals that have come into our country with the intent of taking jobs away from citizens of our great country. Sanctuary cities are illegal programs run by cities that feel the need to protect criminals so they won’t be deported. These people in these cities are destroying our country because they are preventing real citizens from getting jobs they actually need.

First, illegal aliens are a burden to our country because they take away the financial security of some American citizens. Illegal immigrants are stealing Americans financial information and using it on the dark web and other illegal websites as well. Also, they jack up car insurance rates for Americans. This happens because states try to make it harder for illegal immigrants to get drivers licenses. Illegal aliens can not pay for expensive motor vehicle insurance so they just drive without it and that puts everyone around them in danger. A final way these illegal immigrants affect our economy is when there are excess amounts of these illegal migrants, the USA will be forced to cut back on trades to these countries resulting in a loss of income for the USA.

Second, sanctuary cities are exactly what our great country doesn’t need. Sanctuary cities are a burden to our country because sanctuary cities are safe houses for some of the most heinous criminals in our country. Another reason these cities don’t help the USA is that they also put more stress and work with our police. Attorney General Jeff Sessions stated, “Sanctuary cities, municipalities that harbor illegal immigrants, were the “best friends” of human traffickers”. This shows that sanctuary cities in the USA not only have illegal migrants but, also have human traffickers which are a very serious crime. These traffickers use sanctuary cities because they won't be caught as fast and also they feel more protected because they are in these cities. Finally, it is totally unacceptable to have sanctuary cities because of the crimes committed inside of them and because the criminals will most likely be able to get away with these crimes longer because of their city circumstances.

An argument that has been made on the opposing side is that the jobs these illegal aliens are taking our jobs no legal citizen wants. This is not true because not every American can get a white collar job. Some American citizens are still poor and need jobs with sanitation departments or construction services and, in some cases, even though enjoy the work because it is similar to their hobbies in some ways.

In conclusion, illegal aliens and sanctuary cities are bad for the economy and society because they provide safe havens for criminals. Sanctuary cities provide safe places for criminals that need to be prosecuted and sent to jail and/or prison for their heinous crimes. Illegal aliens are bad for the economy because they take away peoples jobs. Also, they can cause car accidents because they can’t pay for insurance and then they can’t help the victim of the car crash. Everyone needs to do what they can do to prevent illegal migrants and sanctuary cities from hurting and destroying our country.

The author's comments:

I was inspired by the fact that this is a very hot topic in the USA right now. I hope that people will be inspired to help with the problem of illegal immigrants and sanctuary cities in America.

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