24 Hours of Complete Freedom

August 25, 2017
By brookmel0 BRONZE, Unionville, Indiana
brookmel0 BRONZE, Unionville, Indiana
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It’s coming on Monday. The thing everybody has been talking about, the Solar Eclipse. This eclipse will be different from the others though, this time the Government is turning their lights off for 24 hours. That means no laws, rules, or punishment. It’s going to be rough.
Once the Solar eclipse starts, the chaos begins.
All the little kids are staying indoors to keep protected and older kids are talking about the hotspots to rob. The rich are thinking of ways to get richer and ways to keep their stuff safe.  The poor are thinking of ways to bump up to middle class. The social classes will be mixed up like a bag of Chex Mix.
As Monday approaches, some talk of evil is spread around. Not just the typical stealing, but true evil, such as rape. The guys start to whistle at the girls more often down the hallways to drop nasty hints of what they are thinking.
Their whistles strip my dignity.
The school jocks talk about how to become a dictator for 24 hours and all the girls’ would obey them. They argue about which one of them would be the leader and they compromise by taking hour turns. Way to go boys.
As the schools start to gang up, I was asked to join a team of geeks. I thought it was just going to be a geek squad that steals Dungeons and Dragons type games. I quickly agreed before I could be asked to do anything worst.

As the days pasted and Monday arrived, it felt more and more like a war zone wherever I went. I started to feel as though all my rights would be taken away for those 24 hours. As I pass a poster in the history hallway about the 10 commandment I wonder what I’m getting myself into. There would be no Bill of rights to give me my first 10 amendments to protect me, but then again, would I even need them?
Just a few minutes left till the government is nonexistent, but everyone is acting normal. As if nothing is about to happen, it leaves a stale and uneasy feeling in the air.
As the minutes turn to seconds the entire school starts to run to their personal group of safety.
The bell rings and the Eclipse began, the government has turned the lights off on us.

Everyone starts running out of the school screaming and shoving. I follow the same path so I don’t get trampled. I didn’t know what to expect when I reached the doors, but I was scared what might be waiting on the other side. I reach the outside and stand completely still not sure where my geek squad went. As I look around, everyone is acting awkward. One brave soul throws a brick into the window of an abortion office. After that, everyone in an instant hits complete madness. Everyone is going to rob and fight, I run for my house and lock every door.

Awhile later I try to go outside to see if things have calmed down or not, but I don’t see anyone in sight.
I start walking down town and find everyone sitting around. The entire town was torn up about something, but I wasn’t quite sure what. As I start approaching the group I see a young child lying flat on the ground. I wished to the girl next to me, asking what happened. All she said was that they got out of control.
Someone stands up, a family friend I’m assuming, and starts to speak about how this is wrong. How we should want better for ourselves. Stealing isn’t right and innocence is just a shield to protect us from the evil in the world. While the rest of the world goes crazy and destroy everything, let’s rebuild what we believe in. Let’s help those who are not as fortunate as we are. Let’s show the government that we all aren’t crazy.
As everyone stands to leave, the girl turns to me and explained how the little boy took his piggy bank to get his mom some flowers since someone stole from her, someone killed a 7-year-old over $4.67.
My heart broke right then and there. We had to get everyone on track and to reunite as one community again.
Everyone starts to clean up the mess they made and without any laws, they use the paint from a local store to renew the town and paint a portrait of the boy on a wall. Everyone comes together as one.
A light starts to appear and we all know the Eclipse is over and the Government is turning the light back on.

I hear someone calling my name, but nobody in sight. All of a sudden my entire body is shaking and I feel a hand around me.
“Get up you’re going to be late for school,” I hear my mother say. She had turned on my bedroom light and awoken me from a strange dream. She starts asking about the Solar Eclipse. All I can say is that I’m glad my class is going outside for a few minutes to see it. I would’nt want to live the dream I had about the government leaving.

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