Male Rape

May 23, 2017

Men are more stronger than women!
We come across this line maybe everyday in our daily lives!
It is believed that men are strong,both emotionally and physically and hence they can't be raped!
Only women are raped!
Everyone gives importance to women rape!
But what about male rape?
Should it be given equivalent importance as we give to women rape?
The answer to this is quite obvious!
Obviously a rape is a rape, whether it is of a man or a woman!
A denial, non acceptance to anything is normal and should be accepted in the same way, normally!
People should accept that a NO is a NO and rape should not be forced on anyone, irrespective of their genders!
During our survey, we came across a lot of people who gave unacceptable and shocking responses by asking several questions like-
Are you really serious?
Even men are raped?
Is there anything termed as male rape?
Rape of a man is a rape?
According to the survey we conducted, male rape is mainly ignored because people are ashamed of being harassed.
They are ashamed of admitting that they were raped when they barely knew about rape! When they barely knew the difference between a good touch and a bad touch!
When they barely knew that how there organs and their bodies function!
Many people think that being raped at this age doesn't matter because you barely know about it.
But think, once, with all the power you hold!
What if you get to know after some years that you were raped and you just can't accept it?
What if it makes you dull for the rest of your life?
What if it wanders thoughts every second of the day?
What if the doesn't let you sleep?
But how does it concern you?
You are happy in your own life, you have a good job ,your family is happy what else do you need in Life?
But what if you get to know that your closest friend,your family member has gone through it and he just can't deal with it.
Would you be able to sleep?
Would you be happy then?
None of us can and as humans ,we should get this straight in our minds that destroying someone for the rest of their lives is not at all acceptable.
If the person raped is not your family member it maybe someone else's family member and he is anyway a human!
During the survey many of the people confessed anonymously that they were raped,they were being harassed but didn't do anything about it because they thought they would not be heard or maybe no one will believe them, which is true somewhere!
In a society where even a male doesn't consider male rape a rape then where would the victim, the disheartened survive? And how?
Also we came across people who believed that laws on rapes are really weak and there is a strong need to rebuild new laws!
But where are these people?
Why aren't they visible anywhere?
Are they afraid to come out?
Maybe they are!
Maybe they think that no one will listen to them if they talk about something highly ignored!
Which is really normal!
But it's high time and everyone should do our parts!
Not by protesting on roads for days but by consoling and supporting a victim,a person who really needs someone!

The author's comments:

Concluded my male rape survey by this article.

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